Lay-off? Here Are 3 Things You May Consider Doing Before Losing Your Job

Presently we are in a challenging state of economy. You work for a company that has been running through a lot of varieties and turmoil.  You are already discovering words around about lay-offs and you trouble about what will be next. If you’ve been an exceptional employee and the lay-off is not because of anything you’ve done, be sure you ask these three questions as you are being handed your beloved paycheck.

  1.  Can you take severance pay?

You are not automatically guaranteed this unless it was specified in your work contract when you were engaged. Typically, one calendar week of severance is given for for each one year of serving to the company, but this can be negotiable. And, especially if you’ve recently finished an important project, been honored or achieved a major goal, be sure to prompt them.  It may buy you another week of severance earnings they weren’t projecting on paying.

  1.  Do you still have remaining vacation leaves?

In most companies they allow unused leave balances to be changed to cash. Better get it now if you are engaged in the company who provides it because it will be tougher after. Some companies grant you to roll over your unused time from one year to the next, while others have a use it or discard it policy. You can see your employee handbook if you are not certain about this.

  1.  Can you get letters of reference and recommendations?

You can ask your superior, co-workers and big clients for a letter of good words. You will be requiring those letters of recommendations for you to get a job easily.  Best do it earlier because it will be tougher get it after your employment with them have been dropped.

These are just some elements to consider. The essential thing is to do it immediately because we are not sure; maybe this is the last encounter you receive.

What if doesn’t work? You’ll never know unless you try, and the worst they can do is say no. If the moment falls, chances are you won’t have another opportunity to ask these queries again.

I wish you best of luck.